Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Wii Keep Fit

Today’s prompt was to post a picture of your morning routine but since I leave for work so early and I didn’t have time to take pictures so I thought I would share with you the Wii games I am currently using to keep fit.


My Fitness Coach – Dance Workout

I am currently using this every day. I have a fitness coach having recently changed from Carlos to Jay.  I love that fact that they actually recognisable songs and it mixes in Cardio Boxing with Latin Dance,  then there are so odd games Matador, Skipping and Canoeing.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that it is the same warm up / cool down.


Jillian Michaels Ultimate Fitness 2010


Now I’ve only played this a few times as it is exhausting. It start with you have to complete 5 laps of the island (which is basically running for five minutes) . It has lots of good exercises but it doesn’t really explain how to do them you have to just follow along and sometimes it moves a little too quickly. One for when I have more stamina I think.

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit was what I started out with then upgraded to Wii Fit Plus I like all the games and the Yoga and I go back every now and again to play them but I never felt it was helping my fitness levels.


EA Sports Active More Workouts

I like this one. I plan on starting another six week plan with it in February.  I like that it uses actual equipment and you feel like you are doing proper exercise.


My Fitness Coach – Cardio Boxing

I like the whole cardio boxing principle but when it comes to the other activities I can’t but I will keep at it.


So those are the ones I am using at the moment but I will keep my eye out for a few more I think as I try to keep fit.


Shanna. xx

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