Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lost and Found…

Now I have a habit of losing my TV remote so a year or so ago after not being able to change channels for three days I came up with the solution of tying a long piece of ribbon to my bed side table and taping it to the back of the remote so I could always find it. The tape has had to be replaced a few times since it pulls off but I’ve always known where it was. Until today. 

Two days ago the tape came off and I could find another roll so I thought since I’ve only lost my cordless computer mouse once I  thought I would chance it again.  Bad idea.  I just spent three hours looking for it for it only to find is sat in the middle of the bed where I’ve looked SIX times.

However while looking I did find some old issues of Creating Keepsakes. Now I used to buy my copy from Borders as it is the only place I find that stocked it in Swansea but since they closed I can’t find it anywhere and I’m not paying the internal subscription fee when they keep changing the number of issues you get.  I found some great layouts to scraplift and a really great article by Allison Davies (who I love).



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