Friday, 10 February 2012

Ten on the Tenth

Last year for valentine’s day I chose my top ten TV men. This year for 10 on the tenth.  Five of them are still from last years list and the other five are from programs that are no longer on air but they were still great guys. To quote many popular British phone into vote shows  In no particular order.


1.  Marty Deeks

Played by : Eric Christian Olsen

On: NCIS: Los Angeles

Reasons I love him:  There is something annoyingly charming about him.  He has that surfer/bad boy look but is sweet and funny with a sarcastic sense of humour. He is very loyal. He got out of his hospital bed after he got shot to save Kensi and then he bought her beer and burgers after he punched a guy who hit her in the face.

Character on the show he should end up with:  Kensi Blye (they have the ‘thing’ right?)


2.  Peter Bishop

Played by : Joshua Jackson

On: Fringe

Reasons I love him:  There is something about they way he handles how his life gets being blown out the water. They way he is with Walter. His sense of humour and fact that he never gives up on getting it right with Olivia.

Character on the show he should end up with: Olivia Dunham (if it happens in two realities then that’s got to tell you something right?)


3.  Noah “Puck” Puckerman

Played by :  Mark Salling.

On: Glee

Reasons I love him:  I get chills every time he sings. He’s trying to be the quintessential bad boy but he’s actually incredibly sweet in a 17 year old caveman type way.

Character on the show he should end up with: Rachel Berry (I know they only lasted a week but I think Rachel is exactly what he needs).


4.  Special Agent Seeley Booth

Played by : David Boreanaz

On:  Bones

Reasons I love him:  He’s charming, has a great smile and a gun. He manages to be exactly the right mix of best friend and boyfriend.  I mean he bought a Christmas Tree when her father was in jail, so they didn’t go without.

Character on the show he should end up with: Temperance “Bones” Brennan. (They seems to have worked that out for now).


5. Shawn Spencer.

Played by : James Roday

On: Psych

Reasons I love him: He’s annoyingly charming, he managed to moon over Juliet for years and then when he manages to screw up the moment he doesn’t tell her he loves her, he tells her that he’s been thinking about giving up his beloved bike. He’s loyal to Gus, he has a great sense of humour and being a fake psychic that actually does help solve crimes is the coolest job ever.

Character on the show he should end up with: Juliet O’Hara


Now on the men from TV shows past.

6. Leo Wyatt

Played by : Bryan Krause

On: Charmed

Reasons I love him: He’s angel (quite literally), he’s a great dad. He’s protective. He makes the cutest fake pregnant man. He loves Piper enough to go through all the trials and tribulations and annoying guys called Dan that the elders put them through. (I’ve just watched the entire 8 series on Netflix I forgot how much I loved him). 

Character on the show he should end up with: Piper Halliwell (which he did very happily)


7. Jack O’Neill

Played by : Richard Dean Anderson

On: Stargate SG-1

Reasons I love him: Even though he was old enough to be my father when I started watching Stargate SG-1 I loved Jack from the beginning (I hated the movie but Stargate SG-1 is my favourite TV series – I missed him when he wasn’t in it regularly). I love his dry sarcastic sense of humour, the fact that he can be a big kid, but knows how to take control when necessary. I love how he hates paperwork and doesn’t understand technobabble. I love how he always wants to do the right thing.

Character on the show he should end up with: Colonel Samantha Carter (several dozen other realities should give you a hint and the fact that when time was stuck in a loop and he could do anything he resigned so he could kiss her).


8. Jess Mariano

Played by : Milo Ventimiglia

On: Gilmore Girls

Reasons I love him:  Jess came into the show as the wayward bad boy who drew a dead body outline just for a little entertainment. But it turns out he was well read, had a sarcastic sense of humour, thought Starshollow residents were as crazy as I did.  I love the fact that showed up when he was need and was willing to be brutally honest when needed.

Character on the show he should end up with: Rory Gilmore


9. Pacey Witter

Played by : Joshua Jackson (2nd appearance I know)

On: Dawson’s Creek

Reasons I love him: Even though when the show started he was just Dawson’s male screw up friend Pacey turned out to be different than that. He was sweet, thoughtful (he gave Joey a wall), adventurous, willing to take the first step, a great friend and incredibly cute.  Did I mention he can cook?

Character on the show he should end up with: Joey Potter (and he did).


10. Angel

Played by : David Boreanaz (2nd appearance I know)

On: Buffy The Vampire Slayer  and Angel

Reasons I love him: He was dark and brooding. (I had his picture up on my wall most of my teen years). In a world where Vampires were evil and needed slaying he was the one good one with a soul.

Character on the show he should end up with: Buffy.


There are my ten for this year.


Shanna xx


scrappymo! said...

OH...a girl can dream...

jo said...

Oh! I am so following your blog & trusting all your opinions after this - simple for the fact that you listed Joshua J and David B twice! I have a big crush on both of them - and crazy over Fringe + Bones + Angel!

jo said...

gaa! typo *simply for the fact :)