Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Procrastination aka things I should have scrapbooked by now.

I’ve been thinking about things I should have gotten around to scrapbooking now but still haven’t. So I decided to make a list.


Kieran’s Birthday Party (February last year – Is next birthday is less than a week).

Trip to Bristol Zoo (last March)

My trip to Bristol (last April)

Trip to Folly Farm (last April)

Trip to Dinosaur Park (last June)

Trip to Manor House Park (last June)

The three week fire in the tyre plant near where I work (last June)

Holiday in Edinburgh (last July – still not a page scrapped)

Holiday to Disney (last July – I scrapped four pages – none of which I like I think I want a Kraft background theme)

Getting Bones the dog (last July)

Aidan’s Birthday party (Last August)

Trip to Bristol Zoo for Rachel’s birthday (last August)

Trip to Bristol with Mum (last September)

Ashley’s Birthday (Last October)

Ashley’s first day at school (Last October)

Halloween (and I have some really cute pictures of my niece and nephew too)

Going to Joseph and the Technicolor dream coat (last November)

Nanny's 80th Birthday (last December)

Going to see Aladdin with Jimmy Osmond (last December)

Christmas (I usually have a general Christmas page and Christmas dinner scrapped by new years eve)

New Years Eve Party

Going to see Sister Act (I know it was only last month but I should have scrapped it by now right?)


I should probably get started on that list before I have another years list worth of moments to scrap.

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