Sunday, 2 January 2011


New Year’s Resolution update  Day 2:

Yesterday I blogged and exercised.  Jillian Michaels Ultimate Fitness 2010 – is the woman trying to kill me? I survived but ache everywhere. I think I’ll go back to My Fitness Coach Dance Party today.


So todays blog prompt : Scrapbook a photo you’ve taken over the holiday season and share one of your favourite memories before you forget the details.

Credits: Allison Davies Sketch Support sketch Weeds and Wildflowers Design Jolly Holiday kit.


For the past few years my sister has dressed my niece and nephew up for Christmas day. This year she dressed them up as Elves. They looked so cute, it’s amazing how fast they are growing and how good they look in red and green.  Aidan loved his Leapstar I got him and hasn’t let it go playing his Dinosaur and Toy Story 3 educational games.


Shanna. xx

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