Thursday, 20 January 2011


Inspiration is a funny thing. I like to write Fan fiction so I get inspired by little things around me and by the characters themselves. My current works in progress revolve around Glee and Grey’s Anatomy, sometimes I spent all day playing conversation the characters would have with each other in my head.

Now when it comes to scrapbook I tend to pick a sketch I like, create it using my digi supplies and then picking photos that will go and then finish the layout off. This sort of follows the Club Scrap ASLB process. I used to be a member of their digital kit club which used to supply kits which were very similar to their paper kit so you could follow the ASLB instructions and create great looking layouts quickly. However when they switch to making the digi kits different I stop my membership.

But that being said I liked the idea of having the ASLB layouts ready but have rarely used them.  Here are a few old layouts using Club Scrap ASLB layouts.



This last one isn’t made with the ASLB layouts but is using Club Scrap supplies but’s one of my favourite as it shows my grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother and my aunt.


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