Sunday, 1 January 2012

Documenting 2012

Firstly happy new year to everyone.


This year I decided to do Project Life again. I did it in 2009 and only missed a few days (I still haven’t printed out most of it but I have it documented).  Don’t know what Project Life is this video explains it.


I was planning on doing it again in 2010 but a few weeks into the month and I broke my wrist and spent six weeks in plaster then another couple months not really being able to grip a camera.

As a digital scrapbooker I used the kit created by Weeds and Wildflowers but honestly having to still make a decision what to use was driving me crazy.  This year Becky Higgins launched Digital Project Life.   As I live in the UK the Shutterfly option would work out pretty expensive so I made the decision to use the digital kits from Jessica Sprague. After a few weeks of trying to make a decision which kit to get I decided on the Cobalt Edition. I choose this edition as I like the journaling cards the best and since the project is all about the pictures and journaling this seemed to be the best option.



I also got the templates so I don’t have to figure out how to arrange the pictures. It’s all about making life easy right?


Hopefully this should give me a good jumpstart and make it easy to complete the pages weekly.

Also in my efforts to document the year I got a few apps from iTunes to use on my iPhone (which I’ve had for a few weeks and love).

The first is Memento  it  allows me to document the details of little moments I want to remember on the go. I get to add tags and photos to help back up the  memories. It also pulls in my Facebook status updates.

The second is Photo 365 which is basically a calendar which you can attach pictures to for everyday of the year.


The final thing I got to help me document the year is a new camera.  A Fujifilm Finepix  HS20EXR.

I’ve had Fujifilm Bridge cameras for a few years this one takes 16MP pictures and has 30x Optical Zoom.  It also takes RAW pictures. You manually have to adjust the zoom with the ring at the front. I only got it yesterday but I’m loving it already (I ordered it from Amazon on Friday morning it was delivered at 9am on Saturday – got to love living in the same town as an Amazon depots.).  It’s the next step up to DSLR (which still scare me)  and my sister’s best friend asked me to photograph her wedding in April so hopefully I should have learnt how to use it by then.


Last year in this post  I had two goals blog more and keep fit.

The blogging regularly lasted well until May  we’ll try again this year.

The second goal was to keep fit. I was doing ok with the keeping fit until I got sick and then I didn’t have the energy to do it and stopped. In the middle of the year Claire and I started doing Zumba on the Wii but that only lasted a few months as both of us got busy. But I’m going to try again.


If you’ve stuck this far, I hope that 2012 is happy and healthy for you.


Shanna xx

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