Friday, 6 January 2012


I’m home sick today, I managed to catch the cold/flu bug that’s been going around which in itself is enough it triggered an attack of my hiatal hernia so every time I sit up it feels like someone is squeezing my stomach and every time  I cough it gets worse.  So I’m lying here in my bed playing on my computer.  I’ve been working through my ancestors on, I’m back to the 11th Century.  As I’ve been Googling to do some further research I keep coming up with pages I want to book mark so I can refer back to them.  As you can imagine my bookmark list was getting rather long, Googling I to see if I could find something to help I came up with Evernote.


I first heard of Evernote as one of I think Izzy’s product picks on the Paperclipping Round Table or  The Digi Show  but didn’t really pay attention to it. But since it’s free application (for the basic package) I downloaded it onto my computer and my iPhone.


I’ve been playing and clipping snippets of webpages for a few hours now and it’s great to have the bit of information I want stored in a specific notebook and it has a link to the page I got it from so if I want to go back for more information I can.


So far it seems to be working well.



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