Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 on the 10th

I’ve had a iPhone for about a month now and here are a list of ten of my favourite apps.


1. Momento (Diary/Journal)

Momento (Diary_Journal)

It’s a great app for writing down little memories you want to keep, you can attach pictures, and the feed from your Facebook and Twitter accounts (you can delete the posts you don’t saved).  It’s making Project Life journaling really easy as it helps remind you what you did that day.


2. Facebook


I just have the basic Facebook app it’s great for checking updates adding messages and generally what you want to do on Facebook on the go.


3. Goodreads


Links to my Goodreads account, so when I’m out and about with my Kindle if I forget the reading order of a series of books I can go right there and get it and read lots of reviews.


4. Amazon Mobile

Amazon Mobile

I love being able to price check whether it is cheaper to buy things on Amazon or in the store I am in.  I also love that I managed to order my brother-in-laws birthday present while I was stood in the pizza queue at Asda.


5. thetrainline


It’s a great app to either buy train tickets, or just to check the time of the next train to your destination. You can set your home station and then just select what time is the next train home.


6. Free App Magic

Free App Magic 2012 - Get Paid Apps For Free Every Day 2

Everyday it gives you three apps that are usually paid for for free. You can choose whether you download them or not.


7. TV Guide.co.uk

TVGuide.co.uk TV Guide

Since I only buy a tv guide at Christmas, it’s great to be able to check what time the program I want to watch is on and you can set reminders to tell you something is on.


8. Paint Sparkles Draw

Paint Sparkles Draw - my first colors HD !


My three year old niece loves this app, she always want draw on my phone and it’s great to keep her entertained while we’re shopping.


9. Magic Piano

Magic Piano

I’ve completed most of the levels – I’ve gotten to the one where you have to play at thousand different songs to 3stars level, it does give you a free song every couple of days so i don’t have to buy them.


10. Magic Guitar.

Magic Guitar 1

I’m loving this too, I’m still working through this and you get free songs on this one two.


There are my top ten favourite apps right now.


What are yours?


Shanna xx


Linda said...

they look very useful and fun!

Sandie said...

I have app envy but I don't have an iphone because I would spend hours playing!