Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ten on the Tenth.

I’m actually on holiday this week so I’m pre-posting. 

From the time I was a baby until I was fifteen the only place I ever went on holiday was Butlins in Minehead. I’ve been back a couple times since but it is still my favourite place to go on holiday. Since my mum couldn’t afford to have pictures developed very often the majority of picture she took of our childhood was on our annual trip.


So here are ten pictures from my childhood trips.

1. My sister and I on the train. (It’s still there they’ve just moved it inside.)

(We always used to stay in the chalets you can see in the background)


2. My mum and my little brother.

mum ryan

3. Family photo (I think this was printed on a tea-towel we gave my nan.


4. My brother and I in one of the bedrooms

shanna ryan2

5. The toys we were holding had tapes that you could put in the back that made them talk. They were fun if not a little creepy.

sc butlins

6. Another picture of me in my room.

Shanna Butlins

7. This was taken about thirty seconds before I hit the Canadian Goose that is stood in front of me over the head for trying to steal the bag of bread from me.

shanna butlins goose 1985

8. The giant slide – that’s still there too – just inside.

shanna slide

9. Me with my grandparents.

 nan shanna arthur butlins 1984

10. And finally my favourite picture. My Mum and me.

shanna and mum


I still have lots more pictures. I think I may have to make a Butlins album with all these pictures in it.




CoventryAnn said...

Fantastic photos, love the last one too!

Debby said...

What precious memories. TFS

Tammy said...

Great photos. My son had a Micky Mouse with the cassette thing in the back! :) Thanks for bringing back memories.

Jennifer Grace said...

Aw, what sweet photos, yes - you definitely need an album for these! The last one is really lovely, and the 'family photo' is so cute! x

Cheryl said...

What a great idea for a 10 on the 10th post! Wonderful pictures, and I hope you're enjoying your holiday.

Cheri said...

nice little skip down memory lane - you do need to scrapbook these!

Tammy said...

Great childhood photos! Love this idea. Sounds like a great place to be on holiday! :)

Jane said...

I love those photos, you've made me want to search for similar ones in my collection!