Thursday, 19 July 2012

Day 5–Llandudno and Conwy

We went for a quick stop in Llandudno which turned into five hours.  We decided to go on the Great Orme Tramway up to the top of the hill. We got there just before the first tram was supposed to go but my mum decided she couldn’t see the toilets there so went off in search of a toilet. Two missed trams later she was finally back and we managed to get onto the tram. When you got halfway up you had to change to a different tram to get to the top.  It was a gorgeous view and a different experience.



Also while we were in Llandudno we decided to go and explore the pier. There were lots of little shops and games and even a replica Police Phone Box (Doctor Who). We had ice-cream and enjoyed the sun.



Llandudno tries to lay claim to Alice in Wonderland (the girl Alice who inspired the books visited once?) so they created a trail of characters. We found the Red Queen, The White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat.



Since we had spent longer in Llandudno that expected we went to Conwy Castle for the afternoon. It was good castle you could tell what the rooms were used for.



Also in Conwy is the Smallest House in Britain, which we accidentally found while we were walking along the docks. (Just for reference I’m 5ft 10.) It’s tiny.



After that we headed back since no-one wanted to go out for dinner as we were tired we stopped at a service station for petrol and managed to grab some things for dinner.



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