Friday, 20 July 2012

Day 6–Mount Snowdon and Colwyn Bay Zoo

Since we were in the area I somehow got it in my head that going up Mount Snowdon (tallest mountain in Wales) in the train was a good idea. Now I’m terrified of heights, I can’t get over the second storey of a building without my stomach getting in knots. We were originally going to go on Wednesday but after checking the weather (the UK has been having rain pretty much every day for the last month) we decided Thursday was better weather.


We left ridiculously early we knew the first train went up at 9. We got there in time for the ticket office opening at 8.30 but they were sold out with tickets until 11.


Since we had a few hours to kill we went for a walk.  We got to see the first train going up.


That’s when I started questioning whether it was a good idea. We went back and sat in the sun and had bacon sandwiches.

After the 10.30 train left we queued up for the train. We sat in the last row of the carriage with the train that pushed us up the mountain directly behind us.



It was a gorgeous view on the way up, but the edge was really close and I was terrified.  It got even worse when we got to the 1 in 5 part to the summit.



Once we reached the top I stayed in the summit station which had a small restaurant, gift shop and toilets while the rest of my family went outside to take pictures.


I decided since I was shaking that I should eat something so I grabbed a chicken with basil and tomato sauce pasta. Which was yummy!


I did venture outside to take a couple pictures and to call both my grandmothers to tell them I was up the top of a mountain.



The views were spectacular.

I switched seats so I was further in on the way down and it was much better. I definitely got to appreciate more of the view.



After we had returned to solid ground we decided to go to the Colywn Bay Welsh Mountain Zoo as it was on the way back to the caravan.


I did get to see a bear which I haven’t seen since I was a kid and an awake Red Panda.

My favourite part was when we went to see the monkeys.  This one monkey kept walking along the glass pointing at my bag like he wanted it.  It was so cute.



After that we stopped in Rhyl for dinner and a walk along the promenade



Since the weather was still nice we went and took photographs in the giant chair.




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