Monday, 2 February 2015

The One With the Birthday Cake…

Tomorrow is my brother’s 23rd birthday, so yesterday my niece and I tried to make him a birthday cake. I’m usually pretty good at baking cakes but I’m not sure if there was a problem with the oven but our two attempts resulted in disaster.

So since my Mum was going to the supermarket today I thought I would get her to get a plain cake we could decorate but she came back with a Swiss roll????

So when we were taking the dogs for a walk I stopped in a local shop and bought three small sponge cakes and when I got home I stacked them and covered then in the ready rolled icing I have bought to cover the original cake.  As the cakes weren’t that even it ended up a little crooked.


My niece and nephew came over to help me decorate it.


In the end I don’t think it turned out too badly, even if it has a few too many sprinkles on it.


Shanna xx

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Ramla Zareen said...

Hi, I came across your blog through Goodreads, and saw this photo of the cake, and just had to read the post...! Lolz :-) It really looks yummy...!!! :-) Plus this idea of using ready made cake and then icing and decorating yourself is pretty good... and will be definitely useful for me, as these days I am mostly too busy with my small daughter to do much baking. Anyway, thanks...! And happy belated birthday to your brother...!