Monday, 20 June 2011

My Weekend.

So what did I get up to at the weekend? I mostly stayed in. The fire is still burning they have it under control but it’s 5000 tones of old tyres. They say it will take weeks to put out as they have to knock a whole in the wall and pull out piles of tyres and put them out one group at a time. So big black clouds are still billowing and you can still smell the rubber burning miles away.


So while I was in I was watching videos on YouTube and some people were discussing the books they had just bought. Some of them sounded interesting so I got them on my Kindle (don’t you just love e-book readers you can get practically any book you want with a couple of minutes no driving to the store or waiting for the mailman.)


So this weekend I read…

Nevermore (Nevermore, #1)

Good book, although the ending was a little weird and since I’ve never really read any Edgar Allen Poe (honestly the only work of his I’ve heard of is The Raven and that’s because they had an episode with lots of Poe’s on Gilmore Girls) i missed some of the references.


I also read …

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1)

Jessica finds out she is really a Romania Vampire Princess who has been engaged since childhood to Lucius. Who doesn’t love a hot vampire who comes and wants to marry you. (He was even a little less annoying than Edward Cullen in places – why do vampire guys always think they know what’s best for you?) 

So that’s what I spent my weekend doing.


Another book that recommended was Entwined which is a retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses (never hear of it) but I think I’ll save that for next weekend. I’ll go back to reading my Harlequin/Mills and Boon Romance novels which I can usually read in less than an hour when I’ve got time around work.


So what have you been reading lately?



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