Monday, 13 June 2011

Plodding along.

So I’m plodding along with my Finding Photo Freedom course, purging and rating my images. This weekend I decided I’d work on my photos from my vacation to Edinburgh last year (we’re going again in four weeks and I have already created a scrapbook photobook which my mum stole but never mind).  Anyway on this trip we ended up with three cameras (and by ending up with I mean my mum complained about her camera so much that I offered to pay for half of a new one for her as an early Christmas present (very early since it was July!!!))


Anyway when we got back I uploaded the photos from everyone’s cameras onto my computer after deleting the shots that were obviously the floor or some ones finger or were so blurry you couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be I ended up with over 2500 pictures from a weeks vacation.   There were tons of duplicates as we all took pictures of the same thing.

So I set myself the task of going through them and purging. So after a busy weekend, (I did a lot of it while the Canadian Grand Prix was rained out for two hours) I now have them down to 1464. That’s over a thousand pictures deleted and to be honest I don’t feel a single bit guilty about it.  The pictures I’ve kept are the best ones or the ones that mean something. Give it another year and I’ll probably delete some more especially since we’re going back and i’ll have another 2000 pictures to work through.  Or that ten days after we get back I’m going to Disneyland Paris for three days with my sister and her family so you know there will be thousands of pictures there too.

I think this is a step in the right direction. Or maybe it’s just easier to delete pictures of zoo animals and buildings than it is to delete pictures of my niece and nephew (who both have more photos of them in four and two years of life than me, my sister and brother combined (that includes my sisters wedding)). 

But there are another eight weeks of class so hopefully I’ll get over the hump and get a much better system going.

However while going through I did find some pictures of the lions I wanted to scrapbook so I’m work on that page right now. Hopefully it will be finished to share tomorrow.



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