Friday, 17 June 2011

Fire Fire



(photos by my friend Gareth Jeffs)


So about 1pm yesterday a large warehouse which stores recycled tyres near where I work caught on fire. Thick black clouds of smoke have billowing ever since. They evacuated most of the estate, but they stopped at our road so we had to stay at work. They closed all the roads and the estate down so most of us had to find ways to walk home or walk far enough away that we could get a lift.

They still have 11 fire appliances and 50 fire-fighters there and expect it to still be on fire until at least sunday because as it is burning rubber it counts as chemical fire and they can’t put water on it (despite the fact that they closed the road so they can run giant hoses up it). 

Pretty much everyone found a way to walk into work today but by the time we left they started saying  the fumes are starting to get toxic. They can cause itty eyes, and coughs and are especially bad for anyone with lung or heart problems. I know the coughing is true as I only had to walk a quarter of the mile and I can’t stop coughing.  So I’ve told my grandparents they can’t leave the house until it’s out (even though we live two and a half miles away you can still smell it.  It doesn’t help that it keeps raining and there is a 30 mile an hour wind which the fire brigade are saying is making it worse.

Nothing where I work has been despatched for two days as the couriers we used are trapped in as all the roads leading to them are shut.

So here ends an eventful week where also on Wednesday the phone systems at work blew when the electrician tried to do a power test which meant we had to get everyone on mobile phones.


Next week can only get better right?



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