Sunday, 5 June 2011

Enough Quotient

So as previously mentioned I’m taking Stacy Julian’s Finding Photo Freedom class.  She talks about what is Enough for you to achieve to keep you happy which is calls her Enough Quotient.  So here is mine.



  • Upload pictures taken that week, keyword and star rate them.
  • Create at least one layout.
  • Blog at least four times a week.


  • Review starred photos and make any changes to rating.
  • Create at least five layouts.
  • Print some photos out to share


  • Create a vacation album.
  • Create a Year In Review album.
  • Take family photo


  • Display family photographs.


  • Write blog posts that share actual stories  rather than just layouts.
  • Create layout using Allison Davies sketches.

So is my Enough Quotient.



1 comment:

beccaf1970 said...

Thanks for sharing your EQ! I'm in the class too, but haven't settled on mine yet.