Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day.

So I was reading a blog entry over at and they decided to do a TV Crush top ten list. Since it’s Valentines day I thought I’d give it a shot and to quote Phillips Schofield these are in no particular order.


10.  Neal Caffrey  - White Collar


9. Peter Bishop – Fringe  ( I also had a thing for Josh Jackson when he was Pacey too)


8. Seeley Booth – Bones


7. Patrick Jane – Mentalist


6. Justin Patrick – Fairly Legal  - (Just for the record I couldn’t stand Michael Tucco in Battlestar Galactica but I love him in this)


5. Shawn Spencer – Psych


4. Richard Castle  - Castle


3. Puck – Glee


2. Mark Sloan – Grey’s Anatomy


1. Marty Deeks – NCIS Los Angeles


Now I think this would make a good layout.



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Anonymous said...

You have great taste in guys!