Tuesday, 10 April 2012

10 on the 10th

I was struggling to come up with something this month and then I thought I have been watching a lot of programmes on Netflix recently so I decided for this month’s 10 on the 10th I would do a list of ten films/tv programmes I have discovered or rediscovered on Netflix.


1. Charmed. – Watching all 8 series was the first thing I did with my free trial of Netflix – It’s still as great as when I was watching it years ago.


2. Firefly – I’ve heard about this show and how despite it’s now cult following it only lasted a year but I’ve never scene it until now. It’s great.


3. Mythbusters – I know it’s still on air and I’m watching it (loved the Duct Tape Island epsiode) but thanks to Netflix I got to go back and watch the early series.


4. Jane Eyre – I’m a big Jane Austen adaptation fan, but Jane Eyre was another one of those books I read multiple times as a child. Somehow I missed this adaptaion when the BBC aired it.

Jane Eyre


5. Lost in Austen – I saw this when it was on TV but I always wanted to watch it again. How cool would it be to be in an Austen novel

Lost in Austen


6. Kate & Leopold – I saw this once years ago, I forgot how much I loved it.

Kate & Leopold


7. The Three Musketeers – I think it’s my favourite adaptation of the Dumas novel (but I live the one with Orlando Bloom too).

The Three Musketeers


8. Good Will Hunting  - I saw this when it first came out and not since. But it’s still good.

Good Will Hunting


9. Half a Sixpence – I remember when I was a kid one Easter (when we only had four channels) that this movie was show on 3 of them 4 times in the space of two weeks. I haven’t seen it since.

Half a Sixpence


10. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the Galaxy – after taking Shimelle’s class this was stuck in my head, I read the book years ago since I couldn’t find it anywhere I thought I’d watch the film. Martin Freeman seems to be everywhere now.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


And that’s my ten.




Tammy said...

Great list! I have also re-discovered tv shows on Netflix. Love having something to watch when there's nothing on TV! :) Thank goodness for Netflix!

Nathalie said...

That was a fun list to go through! The Hitchhiker's Guide is my kids' favorite!!!