Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Day Three

We drove to Anglesey. It seemed like we were doing a tour of their supermarkets looking for a Wii U for Ryan. After that we drove onto Holyhead and went to the South Stack lighthouse. We were planning on walking down to it but you ended up having to walk a couple miles before you even got to start down the 400 steps.

DSCF2510DSCF2517DSCF2518DSCF2526DSCF2528DSCF2531North Wales 2013 -Todd-235

Right next to the car park there is a collection of Hut Circles, and after watching Time Team for years it was nice to see them.

DSCF2549DSCF2538DSCF2547North Wales 2013 -Todd-259North Wales 2013 -Todd-249

Once we were done with Anglesey we crossed back over the Menai bridge.


On the way back we stopped at Rhuddlan Castle.

North Wales 2013 -Todd-312DSCF2560DSCF2579North Wales 2013 -Todd-296


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