Sunday, 28 July 2013

Day One

We left at 9am and drove to Harlech Castle. We had to drive over a small rickety bridge and we got stuck in traffic as a small town was having a sports festival and it was blocking the road.

DSCF2295DSCF2301DSCF2308DSCF2310DSCF2314DSCF2320DSCF2325DSCF2338IMG_5435North Wales 2013 -Todd-10North Wales 2013 -Todd-18North Wales 2013 -Todd-19


We then started to drive to the caravan park but the sat nav decided to stop working. We had to use my iPhone for directions and find somewhere to stop so we could find something to plug it into the cigarette lighter so my battery didn’t die.  When we got there we checked in and went for dinner.


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