Wednesday, 20 April 2011



Most of the time on this blog I just post layouts, the occasional picture and a few other random things. Today I thought I’d talk about the random topic of bread.

Now I’m very fussy when it comes to bread and I have no idea why.


  • I ONLY eat white bread.
  • I CANNOT eat sliced bread unless it’s toasted (I even eat bacon sandwiches in toast)
  • I LOVE BREAD ROLLS AND FRENCH STICK. (I especially love the ones from the Harvester restaurant as above, which I spent dinner there stalking waiting for them to fill the baskets up again).
  • I can ONLY have butter on my bread if it’s toast.
  • I love croissants (I get one every morning to eat on the way to work).
  • As much as I love toast, if I lived on my own I would have to keep it in the freezer as I don’t eat it very often.
  • I LOVE toasted cheese and ham sandwiches made our George Foreman grill.
  • I LOVE SUBWAY SANDWICHES (well only ham and turkey or subway melt with ABSOLUTELY NO  salad or dressing yuk!)
  • I hate breadsticks and the stupid oil they put on tiger bread.
  • I once made cheese and onion bread rolls in school that never made it out the classroom as we ate them.

So for a random blog post there are some facts about me and bread.



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