Monday, 18 April 2011

Beyond Blogging For Scrapbookers

So I’m taking Shimelle Laine’s class hopefully to have some more ideas of what to write since I seem to just be going back to posting layouts. So today is the first day of the three week class, and today she suggested a poll.

I’m digital scrapbooker and have been for about four years now. I did make one or two traditional scrapbooks for my grandparents anniversary and for my stepdad. But I love digital and it’s so much cheaper so my poll is what kind of scrapbooker are you?


Thanks for dropping by.




Cheri said...

I chose "hybrid" for the poll, but really I do all of them - some straight up paper, some all digi, some mixed!

Wanda said...

I'm a confirmed digi-scrapper. I did paper for a few months until I stumbled onto digital.