Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Fast Fifteen

Katie the Scrapbook Lady had a quiz the Fast Fifteen on her blog, and she challenged us to post it on our own blogs. Fifteen quick question shouldn’t be that hard right?


  1. Favourite Colour –  Blue – growing up it used to be purple – I’m getting more and more drawn to Aqua lately.
  2. Favourite Movie or TV Character – Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek
  3. Favourite Candy – Cadbury’s Caramel
  4. Favourite Drink – Orange Fanta
  5. Favourite Flower – Daisies – I hate roses
  6. Favourite Collection –  My photo collection
  7. Favourite Food – Gammon Chips and peas
  8. Favourite Animal – I’m liking Meerkats more and more every time I see them.
  9. Favourite Movie – Armageddon
  10. Favourite TV Show – Stargate SG-1 (Confession time – I hated and still hate the movie but love the TV show)
  11. Favourite Season – Spring
  12. Hobbies & Talents –  Photography, Scrapbooking and Reading
  13. Anywhere in the world I would like to be or go –  Italy – I will get there one day.
  14. What I love to wear – Jeans
  15. A way I like to relax – Reading on my kindle.


There done.



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