Monday, 15 October 2012

What do you do when it stops raining for more than five minutes?


It’s been raining in the UK off and on for the last few weeks,(or months really). Yesterday  it actually stopped raining for a few hours so we decided to get some fresh air and went for a walk along the seafront.




There were loads of fishermen sat along the edge of the railing fishing. Some of them even had waders on, I’m sure if they were planning on going into the water but it was a ten foot drop.  My niece saw a large yellow and black fly and thought the man had caught a bee.




And what do you do when it’s October? Of course you stop for ice-cream.



This seems to be the only way I get shots of me and my mother. I need to stop lifting my chin so much. (I don’t have a double chin honest)



On the way back to the car my step-dad helped my niece to walk across the wall.



We even got to see the start of the sunset.


(Is it bad i got better shots of the sky on auto mode rather than sunset?)


What did you do this weekend?



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