Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ten on The Tenth.

Here are ten different things I’ve done at the weekends over the last couple of months.

1. Went to the Techniquest Science museum with my niece and nephew.


2. Went to the Moscow State Circus  (Russian acrobats are crazy)



3.  Walked for a 10k for charity


4.  Went to Folly Farm (twice)


5.  Went to Crealy Adventure Park


6. Went for a walk in the park


7.  Went to the beach


8. Went to the Jane Austen Centre


9. Went to the Roman Baths


10. Went bowling


And that’s what I’ve been up the last few weeks.




Nathalie said...

Looks to me that you have full weekends! :)

Flora said...

You've been busy. Congrats on finishing your 10K. Walking or running, it's still 10K. :-)

Jennifer Grace said...

Lots of great adventures! I used to work at the Jane Austen Centre (I assume it's the one in Bath?) I used to give the talks, and dress up for photoshoots on occasion! You can still buy postcards with me on, lol. My 5 mins of fame!

Julie J said...

You have packed weekends. We went to Crearly by accident on Tuesday. We saw the sign from the motorway as we drove home from Cornwall and thought we'd give it a go. It was very quiet, with no queues so we got to stay on rides - making it very good value. Has to be the wettest log flume I've ever been on.