Saturday, 9 June 2012

Morning Routine

My response to the second prompt of Ali Edwards 31 Things Class



My morning routine consists of waking up at 4/4.30 every morning. This is not out of choice. When I was at University the first year I had room on the ground floor and at around 3/4 in the morning people in the halls opposite would get up and have a cigarette and wake me up.  My body some how got used to waking up at that time everyday. Ten years later and I still wake up then.

I usually lie in bed, check my emails, read or watch something on the computer.

My alarm clock goes off at 6.06 on the off chance that I’ve actually managed to fall back to sleep (if I do have to be woken up by my alarm I’m usually grouchy all day). As to why it goes off at 6.06 am I accidently set it at that time and I can’t be bothered to have to go through to reset it to 6am.  I also have an alarm clock that resets itself when you switch it off or there is a powercut so I just leave it.

About 6.45 I actually start getting up and  dressed for the day on a weekday. On the weekends I actually stay in bed and watch TV.

I get dressed then by 7.10 I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth and getting my hair done so I’m out the door by 7.20 so Todd can drive me to work. I grab my lunch and breakfast as I rush out. As I only live a few miles from my job I’m there by 7.30 to start (even though I don’t officially start until 8 - I get paid over time for the difference). 

At my desk as I wait for my computer to boot up I eat my Chocotastic poptarts or usually fruit on a Monday. Then I start work.



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