Monday, 11 June 2012

In The Realm of Funny Yet Embarrassing

So on Friday night after work thirteen of us from work when to Nando’s for dinner to celebrate the fact that my friend Stacey was going on maternity leave and it was her last day. Dinner went fine and we all ate well.

After dinner a few of my friends went to the bathroom. One of them came back down a few minutes later to tell us that my friend Rachel was stuck in the toilet.  The door was jammed shut.

The staff decided that they would try and take off the door handle, which really didn’t do much good as it wasn’t connected to the lock which they didn’t have a key for.


They even passed a screwdriver under the door to Rachel.



Some of the guys tried, even suggesting ramming the door, but since it opened out it wasn’t a good idea.



In the end they had to use a hammer to smash through the lock.



Fifteen minutes after she went in Rachel was finally out.



And that was my funny tale from Friday night.



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