Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Favourite TV show 2011-2012


as the 2011-2012 season drawers to a close here is a  list of my favourite tv shows.


1. Fringe – I love this show I’m so glad that it’s getting another thirteen episodes to wrap it up.

2. NCIS Los Angeles – I love this  show especially Deeks

3. Bones – I know the series was shortened but it’s still so good

4. The Finder – I really love Walter it’s a shame that it was cancelled.

5. The Mentalist – This one is another firm favourite

6. Criminal Minds – I love getting a look at the inner working of the criminal mind

7. Psych – I just love this show it’s so funny

8. Castle – I love the will they won’t they  Kate and Castle and the fact he wants to protect her when she’s the one with the gun

9.  Leverage – You’ve got to love a good con

10. White Collar – Great show.


That’s my ten favourite shows of the 2011-2012 tv season.

I should also mention that I am very happy that it was CSI Miami that got cancelled rather than CSI New York – I haven’t been able to watch CSI Miami in about three years I just hated the style and I love CSI New York (it’s my favourite of all the CSIs)



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