Wednesday, 23 May 2012

31 Things–Jewellery

So yesterday I signed up for Ali Edwards class 31 Things over at Big Picture.  They are already about a week into the class but I decided to jump in anyway.  I’m going to go back and do all the prompts the first was  JEWELLERY.




On a daily basis I always wear four silver rings, a silver watch and silver St Christopher necklace.  I’m allergic to gold jewellery which brings me out in rash so it has has to be silver.

Only one of the rings was bought by someone else. The little blue round ring I bought in Argos after I lost another ring. The Tanzanite flower band I bought from QVC and the little blue and clear stone flower ring I bought from a shop in Seaton when we went back to visit family.

If I don’t wear all four rings I can’t sleep as I feel unbalanced, the only time I really take them off is on the rare occasion I go swimming. They have to in the specific order otherwise they dig in. Some days they feel tight and other days they will just slide off.

My watch I bought from a market stall in town after I managed to lose another watch which seems to happen repeatedly. I also have a habit of making watches stop. I once had a digital James Bond watch which it took my Dad hours to figure out how to set, within ten minutes of putting it on I had made it go wrong again.

I was originally given a St Christopher when I was christened but that has been lost over the years, I bought another one when I was about fourteen., that has since been replaced as I didn’t notice when the chain broke and I lost it.  Again the only time I take it off is when I go swimming.  I’m not overly religious but I guess it is nice to thing that someone is watching over my as I travel through daily life.

I had my ears pierced when I was about five I occasionally wear earrings but I have a really bad habit of losing one of them when I take them out. So I have a random pile of odd earrings.

I also have two charm bracelets one is your traditional kind with various charms the other I bought at an aquarium while I was in Scotland. I pick various charms which all had different meanings. It generally sits in my jewellery but on random occasions I do pull it out to wear.

I think having worn the same pieces of jewellery for a very long time I am so you used to wearing them I don’t even think about it.


Shanna xx

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