Wednesday, 9 June 2010



Confession time - I love yoghurt and I love my Easi-Yo Yoghurt maker. 

Step One – Half fill the container with cold water  and add the sachet of yoghurt mix and shake, top up with water.

Step Two – Fill the yoghurt maker to the the top of the baffle with boiling water.

Step Three – Put the container of yoghurt mix in and seal.

Step Four – Eight hours later  you have yoghurt (obviously it needs time to cool in the fridge but a whole litre of yoghurt for five minutes work how great is that).

One of the benefits is that it comes in so many flavours. My favourite is Boysenberry, but I do like the Strawberry, Raspberry and Vanilla ones as well.

I made strawberry the other day and it tastes great and since it contains all those things the yoghurt adverts tell us are good for our stomachs it’s a win win situation.

That reminds me I need to order some more packets.

My name is Shanna and I love yoghurt. (there I admitted it to the world).


Shanna xx

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