Tuesday, 8 June 2010


A while back I posted this layout and it got me thinking about how often I read.

My earliest memories of reading are the fuzz buzz books that they taught us to read with in primary school, I remember then when the Roger Red Hat and friends series came out and we had to read from those and there was a series of books about pirates and books where you got to choose your own ending ( don’t you wish books were like that now if you didn’t like how it was going you could go back and pick another path).  But my favourite reading associated memory was Mrs Hawkins, now twenty years later most people don’t remember a substitute teacher but I will always have a distinctive memory of her.  Whenever we would have Mrs Hawkins she would always read us Burglar Bill and we would make green cabbages out of playdo. This book was such a significant part of my childhood for some reason that I finally had to track down a copy and by it.

My reading style has obviously evolved since then as you can see from my stack of recent purchases. Trashy romance novels, interesting takes on history, criminal novels.


I also have  significant memory of the Harry Potter books. I remember when we were on holiday at Butlins when my mum bought the first book to read to my brother, my sister and I both got so engrossed that we stole the book just so we could figure out what happened next.  We read the new books the day they came out and multiple times.

Now I love the Twilight series as much as the next girl, the scene where Emmett and Bella arm wrestle in Breaking Dawn cracks me up every time I read it (which is a few since I’ve read all the book three or four times) but they aren’t my favourite books.

I have two favourite books both from completely different ends of the reading spectrum. First of all the classic Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. I don’t know what it is about this book but there is something about Mr Darcy and Miss Bennett that captures me.  Now maybe Persuasion should be my favourite since they go to Lyme Regis which isn’t that far from where  I grew up but it has always been Pride and Prejudice that got me. I still love the BBC adaptation (despite it being five hours long) rather than any other version of it I have seen. Who doesn’t love Colin Firth in a wet shirt?

My other favourite book is the Bone Collector by Jeffery Deaver. Now I’ve seen the film, I didn’t hate it but it doesn’t have the same feeling as the book. The whole Lincoln Rhyme series in general. But the Bone Collector is my favourite.

I’m currently re-reading the series.

But that is enough about my reading habits for one day.


Shanna. xx

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