Sunday, 10 May 2015

10 Random Facts About Me


  • I can only paint my toenails purple – i know weird right
  • I hate heights but I have been to the top of Snowdon (on the train)
  • I love musicals and have seen at least one a month on stage for the the last two years.
  • I’ve recently lost almost three stone
  • I wrote a book when I was 18 – I have the only bound edition  and I was working on a sequel when I lost the notebook at the university library
  • I’ve been writing a what happened next story for the musical Save The Last Dance For Me for the last 18 months, I plan out scenes in my head when I’m bored at work
  • I learnt to crochet properly while I was only holiday last year – I’m currently working a blanket for my grandparents Christmas present.
  • I love sixties music and must have pretty much every song by this point
  • I have a sliding hiatus hernia which gets aggravated by stress – it took until I was 24 for them to diagnose.
  • I’m allergic to gold – it breaks me out in a rash so all my jewellery is silver

And that’s ten for now.

Shanna xx

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