Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Great Escape


Having read lot of books when I decided to get a Beagle I was aware that they had poor recall and that if they caught a scent they usually wouldn’t respond. So I had a conscious decision that she would never be allowed off the lead. Up until this point it has worked out well, I mean she managed to slip her harness a few times when it was a little too big but she only got a few feet away.

Yesterday however was different. My step-dad was at the door talking to us and she slipped past him and out the door. She darted across the road, narrowly avoiding being hit by a car and ran to our local park, which is only just down the road.

She refused to stop and wouldn’t come back, so we gave chase. It took my step-dad, brother and I ten minutes to catch her as every time we got close she would dart away. My step-dad ended up having to crawl across the grown towards her tempting her with a piece of paper before he could catch her.

Thus proving my decision to never let her off the lead was correct and also serves as a reminder to keep the doors closed.

Shanna xx

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