Sunday, 20 April 2014

In Search of The Perfect App

I first did Project 365 back in 2009 and managed to complete the year, and then I was trying to do it in 2010 but about two weeks into the year I slipped and broke my wrist, I could hold a camera for a few months so I didn’t continue. I didn’t try in 2011 either.

In December of 2011 I got an iPhone and bought a new camera so I thought I would give it a go in 2012. I’ve been taking a photo a day ever since. It’s nice to have your life capture. So days my photos are just what I ate or a book I read or sometimes it’s place and things I do.


But sometimes it’s hard to remember what you did in a week even with the photos.

So when I got my iPhone I got the Memento app so I could add a quick note and attach a photo so I knew what I did that day. I liked that it was linked to Facebook and Twitter so it brought in my status updates, I also tried using Photo365. They worked well for a while but they started to get annoying. I stopped using Photo365 and tried to continue on with Memento.

In 2013 Cathy Zileske recommended an app called Day One it’s similar to Memento but it doesn’t pull in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but I do prefer the interface and it does attempt to show your location. But you have to manually add photos to it. Late last year I found an app called Heyday. It pulls in all your photos and adds a location to where you were, but if you delete the photo from your phone you only get left with the location. I did try Rove but it didn’t back date the photos or locations so I deleted it very quickly.


Having to look in so many locations for stories about what I did is driving me crazy, I’ve even gone as far as to buy a filofax just so I can make a notation of what I did that day so it is easier to get the journalling done until I can find the perfect app that does:


  • Pull in all my feeds from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Pulls in the photos from my phone automatically
  • Allows me to make a few quick notes
  • Pulls in my locations – without draining my battery
  • Something searchable
  • Easy to use


There are probably a few things I’m forgetting but for now I guess I’ll have to keep working with what I’ve got.




P.S Happy Easter

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