Sunday, 17 March 2013

Things I learnt from a Twilight Marathon.

So I bought the Twilight boxset because it was pretty – and it only cost £5 more than buy just the last film on DVD.


So after watching all five movies again here is what I’ve learnt.


  • While in the books I’m Team Edward in the movies I’m Team Jacob.
  • Kristen Stewart is really annoying.
  • Robert Patterson is not that hot.
  • Alice is my favourite character in both the books and the movies.
  • I want Billy Boyd to be my Dad.
  • I love the end of the movie series.
  • My favourite scene in both book and movie is when Bella arm wrestles Emmett.
  • Kristen Stewart looks a lot better as a vampire than she does a human.
  • I hate Bella’s engagement ring.
  • Watching all the movies twice at the cinema one with my mum and sister and once with the girls from work (usually both in the same day) was money well spent.
  • The books are still better than the movies.
  • I think I’ll leave it a few months before I attempt to watch it again.



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