Sunday, 4 March 2012


wanderlust (ˈwɒndəˌlʌst) — n a great desire to travel and rove about (


Every few months I get the overwhelming desire to go somewhere, anywhere.  I have a major fear of heights and flying so I would never get on a plane and I can’t afford foreign vacations (i only got my first passport last year so I could go to Disneyland) so my travels are restricted to day trips in the UK.  I usually end up in Bristol or Bath.


A few things you should know about me, I grew up in an itty bitty little village in Devon surrounded by green fields and history. We had one of the few remaining beacon houses from the Spanish Armada, which we helped get rebuilt while I was in primary school. We had a large manor house with it’s beautiful gatehouse which was from it was a large estate.  Given my genealogical research many generations of my family are from that area.  We had no shops, or pubs or anything other than a school, woods and a church. Despite everyone wanting to get out of their small village looking back it was idyllic.  After university I moved to Wales with the rest of my family and live in a city. It may be a city but it doesn’t strike me as such most of the time.  Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that I don’t have to go to another county to go to the cinema and that we have a Mcdonalds and supermarket within walking distance but I miss the open spaces and the fresh air.

In Bristol I have a favourite park I love to sit and watch over the whole of the area or take ride on the ferry boat, soak up the history.


In Bath I love the architecture, and the fact it has a major connection to Jane Austen. (Although the place I used to have to go to the cinema was Lyme Regis which plays a significant part in Persuasion). 



So on Friday I was struck by this wanderlust again and by lunchtime I had decided to Salisbury for the day.

First I went to Salisbury Cathedral. On display there is on of only four surviving copies of the Magna Carta, a pact signed by King John. My genealogical research show that some of my ancestors were some of the Magna Carta Barons.



I then went to Stonehenge. I think a long time ago I drove past it but I’ve always wanted to go. It is amazing place.



I then went to Old Sarum (the original origins of Salisbury)



This may have cured my wanderlust for now but I know it will strike again soon.

Here is a quick layout I made using some of the instagrams I took. I used a Yin template, a paper from Scrapgirls and letters from Echo Park.


I got the times as my Instagram account is linked to my Memento app and it tells me what time they were taken.



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