Saturday, 30 January 2010

TV couples

I’ve always been a romantic and the relationships between TV characters tend to intrigue me more than those of characters in films I think that’s probably because as the series continues you get to see these relationships develop, you learn that relationships aren’t always perfect, you don’t always get the happy ending you want however much you scream at the tv, but you are there every week hoping it will work out. So here is a list my favourite couples whether they have finally figured out they belong together or not.


1. Samantha Carter and Jack O’Neill – Stargate SG-1.

I am and have been since the first episode a big fan of this pairing, they know how they feel about each other but keep putting it off to save the world.

2.  Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan – Greys Anatomy

This is my latest obsession, it works, I think she is exactly what he needs.

3. Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls – Veronica Mars

I always wanted this to work, they need each other but are too scared to figure out how to fight for each other for long.

4. Bones and Booth – Bones

It seems Booth finally got the hint now we are just waiting for Bones to figure it out.

5. Harm and Mac – JAG

I am so glad they finally figured it out.

6. Rory and Jess – Gilmore Girls

Enough said.

7. JJ and Reid – Criminal Minds

I know it will never happen, but it works

8. Lindsay and Danny – CSI NY

A couple who finally got it right

9. Charlie and Amita – Numb3rs

Another couple who finally got it right

10. Puck and Rachel – Glee

Here’s hoping they figure it out again


Shanna xx

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